Reinsurance Treaty

We design and place reinsurance treaty programmes to assist you in managing your portfolio of risks. We can help our clients to effectively manage their underwriting and capital objectives and to deliver results based on it's technical strengths and market expertise. CW RE’s reinsurance treaty team offers an accessible and high quality service to assess the client’s exposures and to provide them with the most effective and optimised reinsurance structure.

Property & Casualty Reinsurance

Our multi-line treaty professionals bring you reinsurance programmes to be aligned with your company’s and your professional reinsurers’ interest and business goals through a leading combination of expertise, experience, data support and pricing.

The global risk landscape is dynamic and continues to evolve in unexpected ways. Our Property, Engineering, Marine and other Casualty lines solutions enable you to effectively address your portfolio risks and protect your capital position to pursue growth opportunities without obstacles.

To assist you in better understanding and more effectively managing your risks, we offer solutions support that is founded on market insights and intelligence.

Our traditional Property, Engineering and Marine treaty designs span across a broad range of Casualty lines, including Liability and Motor.

Contact us to discuss so that we can assist you to secure your business risk landscape with confidence.


Our teams of industry experts with their in-depth experience and leadership are able to design Speciality programmes, such as Up Stream and Down Stream Energy risks and Credit Bond, that address your specific business needs.

We leverage our risk expertise and experience to design sustainable solutions that address your complex and speciality risk management requirements.

Structured Solutions

We can provide you with our capabilities to review, structure and optimise your risk transfer strategies.

We offer solutions based on unique requirements to help our partners optimise their capital utilisation in line with their business objectives.

We establish a comprehensive understanding of your business and your markets. Our strong connections with specialised reinsurers can offer underwriting and actuarial services to conceptualise structured solutions.

We also offer support in portfolio and loss reviews and new product development.

With our analytical skills and technical expertise together with our business partners, we can design innovative risk transfer schemes structured to their specific risk needs.


Our tailor-made solutions help our partners to reduce any excessive risk exposure and volatility in their business.

Our facultative reinsurance solutions are products of our global expertise and a thorough understanding of your specific business requirements.

Whilst we do not work on small individual cessions, we have considerable experience in designing and placing layered placements for large utility accounts and Government tenders. The structure and pricing of such reinsurance protections is often key to gaining a major account and CW RE have had considerable success in producing suitable programmes to ensure success in this often crowded and competitive area of business.


Always supporting your claims needs.

With our claims management capabilities empowered with direct access to decision makers, your claims will be serviced efficiently and transparently.

We will work closely with you to achieve our claims handling promise to you with our commitment to providing professional support.

Our aim is to ensure that claims are paid quickly with a pragmatic approach to finalising large complex claims.

To achieve consistent and prompt resolution of our partners’ claims, we are always pursuing efficiency, streamlining of the claims collection process and deployment of technology for the delivery of our claims’ services.


Transparency in all that we do is paramount whether with regard to our dealings with our clients or reinsurers. We maintain the highest level of presentations and documentation to ensure that both our clients and reinsurers have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision with regard to structure and cost of any reinsurance product that we design and promote.

We have developed special and strong relationships with both clients and reinsurers as this is vital in us fully understanding their requirements and responding to the needs of both.

CW RE provides our business partners with statistical and portfolio templates in order to prepare the information required by reinsurers. This ensures standardisation and completeness of all information given to reinsurers. Our internal protocols guarantee that all documentation is subject to the most stringent checking and compliance in order to ensure complete accuracy and clarity. All placement slips are reviewed alongside the produced evidence of cover to ensure that both documents reflect the agreements reached as well as our business partner’s wishes.